Best Summer Outfit Men and Women


On a hot summer day, we always try to cool down. Of course, we have to feel cool in the visual sense. So how do you do that? We should choose Best Outfit for Summer.

What you should select?


In fall, winter and spring, you can have a lot of fun with layers, but in summer, wearing more than one layer can have you sweating like a roasted pig.

Select moisture-winking, quick-drying gear. These fabrics are thin, lightweight, and don’t absorb sweat. If you are in an area of low humidity, wear loose, light-colored, long-sleeved clothing to shield your skin from the sun. Covering up has been used in Middle Eastern countries for centuries and is a proven way to keep your body cool in dry heat conditions. For women, sports bras are usually essential for outdoor activities. Look for bras that provide ventilation.

You want to dress stylishly and want to stay comfortable. And that’s right because discomfort is the most unstylish thing

Fabrics you can  Prefer:

  • Cotton

  • Linen

  • Less Synthetic

You can choose light color shades: light blue-white, green, etc Anything which reflects the summer heat.



The simple and pure white gives a clear and transparent feeling, so it can visually cool people. And the white clothes give people an elegant feeling, super easy to match and let people have a bright effect.

For topwear you can choose a white Tee, which is fashionable and refreshing.


Men: Shorts or light color chinos no denim as they might not be comfy always. Shorts are a great way to show a little skin and cool down in warmer climes without baring all.


Women: The weather is hotter in the summer, and shorts are cooler and more comfortable than long pants. Cute pair of cotton shorts with tees will give you the best look

Women-Cute pair-shorts



Loafers or flip flops is a great pick that matches with you trouser or Shorts. Loafers are not formal shoes, but they look fantastic in summer, this should definitely be a look you have in your closet because it works for almost any situation.



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