How to control your Anger?


Anger is one of the most dangerous emotions, which a human can experience. It is because we lose control of our inner selves and do things that we regret later on. It breaks friendship, sours relationship, and brings about everything bad in any way imaginable.

Well, the good news is that it is a human emotion and can be controlled and regulated with the use of willpower, practice, and the application of proper techniques.


Well, these are some techniques which you can try to deal with your anger.

Isolate yourself

Whenever you feel angry or feel that irritating impulse just separate yourself from that person and others. Just create some distance. The best thing you can do is to lock yourself in a room for a while and let the stream flow out. You can also punch the pillows if you want, just let it out. It is because you don’t want to say things that hurt them and for which you regret later on.

Deep Breathing

Whenever you feel angry and distressed practice deep breathing exercises. Just inhale deeply, hold your breath for a while ( if possible count up to 10) and exhale. It really works. Chant some holy verse if you can or visualize a beautiful memory or image or a holy symbol while you do so. Close your eyes and try to forget the current situation. Tell your mind to stay quiet, quiet and quiet.

Sweat your anger out

It is a very helpful technique and works very well. Each time you feel the anger coming heavy on you, do some physical exercise such as kickboxing, pushups, burpees, squats, jumping jacks, etc. Keep on doing it until you feel too tired to feel angry. Use your anger to your advantage.

Listen to hard rock songs


Music can change your mood to a different level.  Listen to your favorite songs to healing from anger. Sometimes listening to hard rock songs for a while helps in releasing anger.

Eat or drink something

This is also a very good technique. If you feel angry eat something, preferably something sweet or drink a glass of fruit juice or water. An empty stomach can sometimes act as a catalyst in aggravating the emotional outburst. So fill it in.

Remember past experiences of your anger

Another technique that you can use is to recount the past experiences of your anger. Try to recollect: What things you said in your anger? , How much hurt you caused your family members and others? and How much guilty you felt afterward? Ask yourself: Do I want to feel like that again? Is it worth it ?. 

Go for a walk


Go for a walk, try to divert your mind. If you want to control your anger spend some time with nature or the park.

Do not become violent in anger, it can ruin your home, social images, relationships, and sometimes it could also lead to crime.

Controlling our mind is a very powerful thing Always consider yourself a superman/superwoman that If you can control your anger then you can do anything. This would be more effective and definitely, you will control your anger.


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