Things You Must Know About Your Partner in a Relationship


Do they have habits that make you think twice about your relationship? These are the questions that if answered, can help you realize if you’re with the right person or not.

Past Story – Both the Good and The Bad Parts

Past Story – Both the Good and The Bad Parts…..

Most people learned their lessons the hard way and realized that love is not enough to make a relationship last. However, many people believe in love at first sight and they say that it can be the start of something beautiful.

You also have to fully accept what you can discover as you unravel their life story, especially the bad parts.

Things That Make Them Laugh Out Loud…

Things That Make Them Laugh Out Loud

Hilarity can play a really important role in relationships and aside from giving out positive energy to other people, it can be an instant remedy from life’s unfair surprises – make your partner laugh.

Make a List of His/Her Favorite Food…

It’s the most underrated part of every relationship. How well do you know your partner’s favorite food? What’s their favorite restaurant? Do they love Italian or are they more like the spices and always crave Indian food?

Make a List of His/Her Favorite Food

Go on and take her/him to an unforgettable foodie experience because He/she deserves every good food in the world.

What Their Career Goals Are….

If your partner needs to start their career or wants to follow their dream, you have to be on board and support their dream or career choice, Rappaport says. “While this may make things difficult financially for a while, you both have to be willing make the necessary changes to make this happen.”

The Craziest Things That They Have Done….

The Craziest Things That They Have Done

Even the most seemingly boring person has a crazy side and this fact adds more excitement in a relationship especially if you’re still on the stage of getting to know each other better. Ask the right questions and you’ll discover a hidden wilderness within them which passage can only be opened for those who have the key to their heart.

What Their Feelings on Marriage…

At a certain point in a relationship, marriage is bound to come up. Now, we could be a little biased, but we’re team weddings all the way! That said, it may not be for everyone and it certainly isn’t going to be on the table in every single relationship you get into.

What Their Feelings on Marriage

Many people these days are delaying marriage and family planning for a time because they want to be more settled or want to find “the right one”. The thing is, whether or not you’re certain if you’ve found “the one” this time, it’s important to discuss marriage at a certain point to be sure that you’re not investing too much into someone who might not ever be on the same page as you are. Know what you’re getting yourself into and plan accordingly. This may sound harsh, but if this one thing is going to get in the way of your relationship at some point, it’s best to get this out of the way early.


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