Mouth-Watering Facts About Burger King


Everyone has that one food that makes their mouth water at the sheer mention of it.

For me, it’s the “Triple Whopper”, a gargantuan pile of deliciousness, and it’s only found at Burger King.

Here we’re going to look few mouth-watering (and sometimes eye-watering) facts about this fast food God!

✦ Businessmen James McLamore and David R. Edgerton found Burger King in the 1950s and were sold to Pillsbury in 1967.


✦ Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar’s attack on McDonald’s through Burger King’s 1981 ad campaign caused McDonald’s to sue the franchise.

✦ On December 11, 1999, a toddler suffocated whilst playing with a Burger King Pokemon toy. This was the first Burger King toy-related death.

✦ They often hold Burger King as the first fast-food outlet to make deals with big-budget films to promote their products. In 1977, Burger King teamed up with Star Wars to sell character glasses.

✦ In Mattoon, US, a Burger King exists that has no affiliation with the franchise. The Mattoon Burger King existed before the franchise tried to move into the town.

✦ In Australia, Burger King know as Hungry Jack because of a copyright infringement of an existing company.

✦ The “Suicide Burger” has an off-menu 800 calorie artery clogger. Which includes four burger patties and cheese slices, bacon, and special sauce.

✦ Burger King has a deluxe hidden system, known as the ‘Gold Card’. Held by celebs like Hugh Laurie and Jay Leno, the card gives them free meals.

✦ Burger King branched out into Hot Dogs in recent years, promoting it on Twitter in 2016, offering a range of toppings including ‘whopper’.


✦ Burger King offers delivery in over 13 US states including Alabama, Virginia, Utah, and Ohio.

✦ In Japan, and possibly America, Black Buns exist as an alternative to the plain and apparently unappealing brown bun.

✦ Burger King took its variety to new heights in 2016, creating the ‘Whopperito’ of a Whopper burger in a flour tortilla.

✦ In May 2016, Burger King opened a spa in one of its restaurants in Helsinki, Finland!

✦ Over 11 million customers visit Burger King Restaurants for their burger fix.

✦ Even with their success, Burger King still lives in the shadow of McDonald’s, advertising itself as the ‘second-largest fast-food hamburger chain’.

✦ Burger King offers something known as the “CROISSAN’WICH” and it decimates the McDonald’s McMuffin contender.

✦ Burger King was born after its owners visited a McDonald’s. And inspired to open their own version with a newly copyrighted broiler that cooked 12 burgers at once.


✦ In 1955, Burger King’s logo was a King atop a burger holding an oversized drink. This soon lost fashion and developed in 1969 into a bun sandwiching the words “Burger King”.

✦ The new logo was born in 1998 and is now a world-renowned fast-food icon.

✦ In 2010, Brazilian-based 3G Capital purchased Burger King for a staggering $3.3 billion.

Whether you like Burger King, admit their story is that of rags to riches, one couple with a dream that ends in a major worldwide brand that it is today.

From amazing burgers to some downright wacky ideas, Burger King always tries to push the boundaries in the fast-food game.

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