This Happens to Your Body When You Drink 2 Glasses of Milk Before Bed!


Is milk really that good for you?


We’ve all grown up with the adage that you should really drink enough milk because it’s so good for you and essential in keeping you healthy. Especially in Western Europe, people can’t get enough of this white beverage. Many people see it as one of the most important things for the human body.

It keeps our bones healthy because of the amounts of calcium and vitamin D.


Bart Groen explains that the body is completely at rest at night. “It might seem as if the body isn’t very active, but it’s actually very busy with repair work throughout.”: by consuming protein via milk right before bed, you’ll build up your muscles super quickly. The test subjects had a huge muscle build up (relatively ) without having to do anything, except sleeping. First, he used a probe to directly administer the protein, but later he just gave his subjects a glass of milk, because of the protein it contains. He could measure exactly what happened to the muscle mass: 11 percent of the protein in a glass of milk was used to create muscle tissue.



A study conducted by Bart Groen, from the Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands, shows that milk is much better for you than people previously assumed. This has to do with the protein it contains, which is one of the most important building blocks for your body. The study describes specifically what kind of effect consuming protein has on building muscles. It turns out that the effect is biggest when we’re asleep!

Protein shakes

For his research, Bart Groen administered protein to his test subjects while they were sleeping. This technique isn’t very innovative,  the scientist admits. “In time, bodybuilders from the USA drank protein shakes in the middle of the night and then continued sleeping.” This turned out to work very well. But how well exactly? And why at night? It had never really researched this.

Muscle mass

The result is especially interesting for people who are ill a lot, or elderly people who suffer from ailments, according to Groen. “When you have the flu and are down and out on the sofa for a couple of days, you lose about a kilo and a half of your muscle mass. You won’t get that back  easily.” Conclusion: do you want to become stronger? Drink two glasses of milk before going to sleep!


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