What are some habits that are good to get into?

Woke up Early

Woke up Early

Woke up early because it’s scientifically proven that your mind works best in the early morning time.

Write your Vision

Take a sheet of Paper & write your vision for that in short or you can make a small achievable To-Do List & then close your eyes. Feel your vision. Do it daily for just 1–2 minutes.



Perform 15 minutes mediation. It’s a must. Meditation Increased brain wave coherence, Improved learning ability, and memory also fill like Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.

To-Do List

Start your day with the schedule you made for the day. Yes, you should have scheduled for each day rather than having one for a year & struggling to follow. Make a To-Do list for the day and act on it.

Achievable Task

Finish your each-day schedule. Make it simple to achieve every day & then increase load according to your ability. But for the first few Days keep it very small and achievable.


Read a book in your free time or write something. Both of them has their advantage. Reading books open your mind & writing teaches you the way’s to express things or incidents.


Implement in life what you learned. Never just read or observe, better implement. It will reward you with a high return. Implementation of what you learned is simply to give you a revision of that topic.

Don’t Think about others

Don’t think about what people will think about you. You have a family to feed, not people to convince.


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